What is Fair Trade?



This blog was written by Global Impact Virtual Intern, Ngonidzashe Maposa

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a system of trade that is based on dialogue, understanding, transparency and respect that strives towards equity in international trade. It is an initiative that supports compensating producers fairly. In doing so, the rights of marginalized producers are secured which results in better trading conditions and promotion of sustainable businesses. If the effort and time put into making the products is reciprocated by the payment of a fair price that sustains the producers, then businesses are on the right track.


How does Amano Marketplace foster Fair Trade?

As Amano Marketplace was built upon principles of collaboration and respect of artisans, it has the well-being of the artisans at heart. To foster transparency, Amano Marketplace lists the price breakdown, maker, and materials of each product on all of the product pages. This allows artisans to be fairly compensated for their work and the buyer to understand how the price of a product was calculated hence minimizing complaints regarding the pricing. Also, buyers will appreciate the product more if they get a sense of the amount of time and effort put into the production process and the amazing talent being showcased by the artisans.

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What is Amano Marketplace?

It is an eCommerce based platform that was formed as an innovative way to combat the challenges faced by Peruvian and Guatemalan artisans as a result of Covid-19. Artisans mainly relied on tourism to market and sell their products. With Covid-19, it meant that an alternative way of marketing and selling artisans’ products had to be developed. Amano Marketplace came to the rescue by providing an online platform which enabled connections between consumers and artisans during the pandemic thereby facilitating trading.

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