Amano Marketplace - October 2020

The Origins of Ori Studio

We spoke with Cleo Collantes, the founder, designer, and maker of Ori Studio to learn more about the inspiration of her slow-fashion accessories brand. Below are excerpts from an interview with her.

When did you know for the first time that you wanted to be a designer and maker?

When I was a child I had a notebook where I designed clothes and accessories for my Aunts and me to wear.. I also took photos of things that I liked and transformed them into drawings. So, at a young age, I began to awaken my artistic side.

As a teenager, I created a body jewelry brand, which was an innovative concept at the time. I started from scratch, with zero previous design experience or training, but with a lot of intuition and passion for craftwork.

Cleo Collantes, the Founder and Designer and Maker of Ori Studio

What obstacles have you faced while growing Ori Studio?

One obstacle I have faced is finding customer support for my designs; I often have to rethink and design many prototypes before arriving at a successful design. Also, some local materials that I seek to implement in my products can be very difficult to obtain. My supply chain has been further complicated by COVID-19, as it is nearly impossible to travel, find new materials, and meet new artisans to work with right now. 

What has been the most satisfying aspect of building your own brand?

The intuitive process of building a brand has given me great gratification. While it can be very difficult, it is also interesting, as the process involves knowing and doing everything on your own. Building Ori Studio has made me stronger, more creative and perseverant.

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Can you share with us more about your priority to create a sustainable production?

Ori Studio prioritizes the origin of things, the value of handmade work, and the artful process of building something from scratch. We produce articles that our customers will cherish for years. Within our own production, we incorporate a lot of recycled leather, and we avoid throwing away raw material at all costs!

What are your dreams for the future?

I dream of traveling through Perú and Europe in search of new materials, artisan partners and techniques that I can apply to Ori and to my career. In the long-term, I want to become an expert in product design and also receive the opportunity to test and expand my creative limits.

Learn more about Cleo and Ori Studio, and view the entire Ori Studio Collection

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AMANO-PERU-PRODUCT-DESCRIPTIONS-14Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 3in / 11 x 8cm

"Ori Studio comes from the word, Oriris, which in Latin means Origin. My brand was inspired by the origin of things– of nature, the elements, raw materials and Peruvian culture. I personally handcraft all of the accessories myself, from start to finish here in Cusco. I strive to create minimal and artisanal designs that maintain and celebrate their handmade origin, using local materials such as llama leather and natural threads. As much as possible, I recycle and reuse the raw materials that I have on hand."

- Cleo Collantes, Founder of Ori Studio.

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