My Name is Flaviana

My Name Is Flaviana
& this is the story of how I started working with Maya Traditions

My name is Flaviana.
I have eight children - four daughters and four sons. I am from Chirijox, Solola, Guatemala. My mother taught me how to weave when I was 13 years old.
I first wove a simple weaving, and then she taught me how to weave figures.
The work in my community is mostly weavings, like my huipil. It has always been the work of women. One day we got together and went to an institution called Senat in Xela [Quetzaltenango, One of the largest cities in Guatemala]. We showed them our weavings and they taught us how to take measurements. There we met Juana [Maya Traditions Founder, Jane, belovedly called “Juana”] and she gave us the address to Maya Traditions. We then began working with them soon after.
In addition to being a weaver, I am also a traditional healer. When I began my work as a healer, I started with my children because I didn’t have enough money to go with my neighbor, who was also a healer, as she would charge 10 Quetzales [local Guatemalan currency - roughly $1.25 in 2021]. Since that was a lot of money back in those days, I started curing my own children. I saw how my neighbor was working and began to try similar treatments - and they worked!
Maya Traditions also supported our children in their educational pursuits...
now we have six professionals in my family.


My sisters and relatives began to bring their own children to me to treat, and then my neighbors started doing so as well. Then, Maya Traditions gave us a workshop on how to make salves with medicinal plants, so that I no longer had to buy them from the pharmacy.
I am so grateful for Maya Traditions Foundation, as we have seen a change in our life since starting to work with them. Maya Traditions also supported our children in their educational pursuits.
The founder, Juana, was a great support in our lives and now we have six professionals in my family.
I thank Maya Traditions a lot for both the work for my weavings and the workshops.

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