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What is Fair Trade?

What is fair trade? Fair trade is a system of trade that is based on dialogue, understanding, transparency and respect that strives towards equity in international trade. It is an initiative that supports the paying of fair prices to producers.
We sat down with Eulalia Chonay of artisanal brand, Kemon Collection, to learn more about her inspiration to support Maya Kachiquel women from her hometown through fair and dignified work opportunities based on a business model that tries to build on and transform the existing weaving culture. Explore and shop the resulting products below! The Mission of Kemon Collection is to create work opportunities for Guatemalan a...

Peruvian Textiles: From Souvenirs to Works of Art

Ashli Akins, the founder of Peruvian-Canadian non-profit, Mosqoy, shares how the current souvenir-minded consumption of Peruvian textiles by tourists disempowers Quechua weavers. Learn the keys to the ethical consumption of textiles that supports weavers and revitalizes cultural heritage.

Help Amano Scale Its Impact

Help Amano Scale Its Impact By Brooke Loving Bagwell | March 16, 2021 I believe that some of the world’s biggest challenges can be solved through fair and dignified work opportunities and through social enterprise. That’s why I launched Amano Marketplace back in September– to support Latin American artisans in reaching a new audience, virtually. While Amano Marke...

My Name is Flaviana

My Name Is Flaviana& this is the story of how I started working with Maya Traditions My name is Flaviana. I have eight children - four daughters and four sons. I am from Chirijox, Solola, Guatemala. My mother taught me how to weave when I was 13 years old. I first wove a simple weaving, and then she taught me how to weave figures. ...

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